Sunday , August 18th 2019
    Everything you need for your BEST beard!

BEARD NINJA – Beard Grooming Kit for Men + Boar Bristle Brush + Sandalwood Beard Comb + Beard Shaper Tool + Beard Scissors + Luxury Gift Box Set – Mens Shaping – Trimming Beards & Mustache Care

Product Features:

    Beard Brush - You'll be surprised how great your beard looks after using the Beard Ninja - Beard Brush. With super dense bristle, no hair is left untamed. Beard brushes work great on any type of hair and can shape and style thick, thin, long or short beards and…
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Product Description

Beard Brush – You’ll be surprised how great your beard looks after using the Beard Ninja – Beard Brush. With super dense bristle, no hair is left untamed. Beard brushes work great on any type of hair and can shape and style thick, thin, long or short beards and mustaches or head hair. Beard Comb – Hand crafted combs are sculpted to perfection. Care and attention to detail goes into every comb to ensure all Beard Ninja combs are as individual as you are. Keep up with todays’ demands on men to be clean cut, fresh and professional while rocking that must have face hair. Beard Scissors – A pair of these scissors are not just for beards and moustache, they work great as nail scissors combo and cut toe nails smoothly for male / female rounded manicure. Adjustable tightening tension screw reduces hair pull and provides a perfect cut. Optimum size finger openings make Beard Ninja shears the perfect choice snippers for both left and right handed bearded men. Beard Shaper tool – Beard Ninja designed a liner gadget with more features than other beard shapers, templates, liners, lineup stencils and edgers. Simply shave along the guard guideline and edges for perfect cheek and neck line results. Complete instructions guides included. If you rock a full Viking beard, shorter stubble or whiskers fade, add BEARD NINJA to your equipment. Don’t rely solely on rapid electric trimmers / clippers to get a neat edge to your beard style. Beardsman can now buy all these products together as a kit in this Luxury gift box package. The perfect present for him, the man in your life. Gentlemen – add these essentials to your bathroom case, travel pack or toiletry bag and improve your beauty regime supplies. A perfect solution for anyone looking to grow a beard. Unique shave accessory gifts for a bearded friend, buddy, boyfriend, mate, husband, brothers, dads, uncle, grandfather, any guy bro. Purchases include FREE PDF e-book user guide packed with information & ‘how to’ maintenance tips.

Product Features

  • NEW BEARD NINJA beard care kit. A complete beard grooming and beard trimming kit for men. You can now own a full range of BEARD NINJA products in one luxury gift box set for shaping and grooming your hair, beard growth and mustache. These kits include a Beard brush and comb, beard scissors and beard shaping tool to suit all beard shapes. This all in one beard care and groomer shaping set means taming your beard has never been easier. Best offer – save nearly $20 dollars on individual RRP price.
  • BEARD NINJA – Beard Brush. Hand crafted black wooden 100% boar bristle brush with curved shaped grooves either side of the brush for super grip. The natural bristles help distribute oil / balm for smoothing and softening of facial hair. Detangle coarse beard hair for a shiny, smooth texture. Also great when used with beard oils, conditioner, butter, pomade or wax product. Keep your skin healthy by massaging facial hair to stimulate oil production, remove dirt and prevent ingrown hairs.
  • BEARD NINJA – Beard Comb. Handmade high quality sandalwood dual action beard comb. Double sided anti static beard and mustache comb. The combination of wide and fine tooth combs can get through any hair, beard or mustache. Perfect size to fit in your pocket and use to detangle dry or wet beards and groom your facial hair at home, gym, office with great results. All combs are 100% hand crafted and engraved with care with no pulls for a smooth and beautiful finish.
  • BEARD NINJA – Beard and Mustache Scissors. Made of premium quality stainless steel. 4.5” inch laser etched sharp scissor with precision tip for trimming / cutting, shaping & styling mens facial hair. Perfectly sized for a full beard shape or simple edging, professional barber standard, long lasting multi-purpose scissor. Trim beards, mustaches, eyebrows, nose hairs, sideburns, cheek lines, goatee, lip line, ear hair, hairline and personal areas.
  • BEARD NINJA – Beard Shaping Tool Template. Clear Shaper guide for line-up & edging. Transparent 8 in 1 multi-purpose plastic beard stencil for styling mustache, goatee, cheek line, neckline, sideburns, curve cuts, step & straight cut. The unique design includes a red anti-slip grip feature, printed guide dots / lines for face symmetry and longer handle for finger safety. Get lined up using a razor blade, clippers or trimmer tools with this quality beard styling edger / ruler outliner / styler.