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House Tour :: A Glamorous Studio Apartment With Gorgeous Custom Details

It’s been a while since we featured a small living space on here, but the second I saw this one, I knew I had to share it. This seriously glamorous studio apartment in Stockholm (where I secretly wish I lived), has managed to find the perfect balance of bold and calm. Not an easy achievement in a space that measures just under 400 square feet.

stunning brass kitchen island and statement pendant in this glamorous studio apartment | house tour on coco kelleya small studio apartment packed with glamorous style | coco kelley mini house tour

The kitchen is definitely my favorite element in the home, and the one that first caught my eye. Most of the aforementioned bold elements live here: brass paneled island, diamond patterned wood island top (is there a proper name for that style?), and that holy moly stunner chandelier. I’m suddenly having DIY visions of marbleizing a few globe fixtures around the house. Damn, that’s good.

Want a closeup of that cabinetry? Thought so: brass panels on the kitchen island reflect the natural wood floors | glamorous studio apartment tour on coco kelley

Ok, so it’s probably a total bitch to keep that thing clean, right? But wow is it gorg. It’s also putting the number one rule of decorating for small spaces to very good practice. USE MIRRORS. glamorous details in the kitchen of this studio apartment loft | house tour on coco kelley

I love that the end of the island is being used for open storage! Because I’m honestly not sure where else is. Talk about having to simplify life a bit. The door behind the kitchen island goes to the bathroom, hence the privacy window.

There is a lot of breathing room in this apartment. Keeping the shelf near the window open to display little objects is pretty lovely and feels like a luxury when you think about utilizing space. For the record, I’d probably be using it as a breakfast bar (maybe a tiny espresso machine and cute toaster?) Oh, and in case you’re wondering about that ladder… glamorous tiny kitchen with brass island | studio apartment tour on coco kelley

It goes up to this lofted bed area. Now, I’m not sure I’d be using that loft for sleeping (there is a proper bedroom, which you’ll see in just a second), but how many people can boast a ‘guest room’ in their 400 square foot apartment? Not many. In my old loft, I had a similar area and I ended up using it mostly for storage of pretty things. Also, I feel like the ladder is a little distracting from the gorgeousness surrounding it. C’est la vie. mirrored closets | glamorous studio apartment tour on coco kelleymirrored storage and unique pink paint in the entryway of this glamorous studio apartment | coco kelley

The entryway is my second most favorite space in this tiny home, for probably very obvious reasons. I absolutely LOVE the use of paint here. And mirrors too! They’re both incredibly genius and gorgeous and fun! A tiny floating entryway table and hooks are on the right, and on the left a little spot to put on shoes, or throw a coat or purse. Again – carving out areas that feel open is a luxury in a small space and I think this little nook does just that. bedroom vestibule with interior windows and door | glamorous studio apartment tour on coco kelley

The only negative thing? The front door opens up right into the bedroom. Guess you better be making that bed everytime you expect guests! On one hand, having the windows makes total sense – it lets in a decent amount of light to the space. On the other hand… I might have used a ribbed glass or something to obstruct the view a bit more and add privacy. simple seating area in this chic studio apartment | house tour on coco kelley

And then there’s the living room! Here, the decor is relatively quiet and minimal – a good thing with this being so close to the bold statement of the kitchen. It’s also my least favorite decor in the home – it feels a bit disjointed. I’ll chalk it up to this home being found on Fantastic Frank – a real estate listing site. There’s a chance that this room was simply staged which would explain all the elements I dislike about it. Double use of leather seats, no rug, bad pillows, weird lamp…

But I do like the use of the shelf railing above to display items and art – so fun. And that fireplace!! Of course. Could you live in a space this small. DO you live in a space this small? Does it feel realistic to you? I sort of dream of tiny places like this that would force me to live more minimally. Someday, I’ll have a little studio apartment in the city and a house in the country, and I’ll be all set – ha!

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